Web Chatclient for Matrix
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A matrix client, made from scratch using react.js
Designed like Telegram and to be faster than Riot, while remaining feature-complete Screenshot

What is Matrix?

Matrix is an open standard for (Encrypted) Decentralized communication. Find out more at matrix.org, You can register an account on a so-called homeserver, I’m on disroot.org as @f0x:disroot.org

Try it now

A relatively up-to-date instance can be found here

get it

You can run it in your browser, hosted locally or somewhere else.
In the future a packaged version will be available, for now you can either:

Get a release:
github releases

Get the source from either of the git repos:
then run npm install to get all the dependencies, and compile with npm run build

more information here:

Room, bridged:
##neo on freenode

telegram channel
todo list