108 Commits (master)

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  f0x 0e3460ab49 refactor source code layout 3 months ago
  f0x 774616147d new loading animation 3 months ago
  f0x 03e198794c remove unused backend structure 3 months ago
  f0x ccc680cb51 update links to pixie.town 3 months ago
  f0x 4e2043a0a8 fetch backlog 3 months ago
  f0x 28633bcf18 fetching backlog with loading indication 3 months ago
  f0x 269077092d add option to load more backlog 3 months ago
  f0x d2eb0adc47 use recommended getLiveTimeline() instead of legacy .timeline 3 months ago
  f0x 0bb78c295f displaying state events 3 months ago
  f0x 32a207d70d reset roomlist filter after selection 3 months ago
  f0x 4197b2be4e fallback for room avatar media repo (disabled by default) 3 months ago
  f0x e297ee04b6 pass full formattedEvent to event component 3 months ago
  f0x 738dbbc0b1 remove nested Text events 3 months ago
  f0x 8e76d8277e add untracked files, whoops 3 months ago
  f0x d9193d7fe4 more robust media (thumbnail) handling, with tests 3 months ago
  f0x 347a0a1759 partly working thumbnail work 3 months ago
  f0x 29cf53ac6a file upload icon instead of text 3 months ago
  f0x ed62b9ce27 proper thumbnailing for images and videos 3 months ago
  f0x d4d1de4e95 multi-file sending 3 months ago
  f0x f62cf21ab0 update readme 3 months ago
  f0x 5096812451 aspect ratio of room icons 4 months ago
  f0x 74af813e6b login form 4 months ago
  f0x b8976f2ac4 center login screen 4 months ago
  f0x d731e85454 file uploading widget 4 months ago
  f0x 490b6b61d6 image uploading 4 months ago
  f0x f0c7f3b56c login screen fixes, work for image upload 4 months ago
  f0x 92543321a0 working replies with clearing on click 4 months ago
  f0x 3db95b22ba further trim margins 4 months ago
  f0x 5736bc6262 Merge branch 'margin-fixes' 4 months ago
  f0x 2a64431f59 finalize fixes 4 months ago
  f0x 3e375adcd6 extending MatrixEvent 4 months ago
  f0x cf70f52abb start equalizing margins 4 months ago
  f0x 58384996dd remove padding in reply username 4 months ago
  f0x c2dfaa3f40 sending basic replies 4 months ago
  f0x 711c324f30 room list padding 4 months ago
  f0x b70449a788 css tweaks 4 months ago
  f0x dce91ce8e7 trim linebreaks 4 months ago
  f0x 128f6bef08 consistently coloured usernames 4 months ago
  f0x e44a26e69b reply parsing, across newlines 4 months ago
  f0x 172fd44dd5 displaying replies nicely 4 months ago
  f0x 2cb8008624 fall back on media url when thumbnail is unavailable 4 months ago
  f0x c110e12388 start at beginning of spectrum 4 months ago
  f0x 5db2c75828 use different colour conversion 4 months ago
  f0x e2666f1f9b rainbows! 4 months ago
  f0x 947caff405 preserve newlines in m.text 4 months ago
  f0x a37a6684fd better scaling 4 months ago
  f0x 8d16aff2ee add more padding to room avatars, change border colors 4 months ago
  f0x bc0f8e6c54 proper sizing for chat components 4 months ago
  f0x a58f183c21 move input and info inside chat component 4 months ago
  f0x 8e3f2a10f0 hide input when there's no room selected 4 months ago