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  f0x 12245bd701 pink rice 8 months ago
  f0x 131ab4ed73 grey rice 9 months ago
  f0x 307f8db35d fixed comment in css 10 months ago
  f0x 948cd0bcba transparent hong kong rice 10 months ago
  f0x 6000074850 noise wallpaper 11 months ago
  f0x e91deb64dc dark colorscheme 11 months ago
  f0x c4a56373f7 neon city rice 11 months ago
  f0x 64a35e9d04 old software 1 year ago
  f0x cd661e9add
remove old programs 1 year ago
  f0x 289c7c1d06
new programs 1 year ago
  f0x d54e34139c vim and bar changes 1 year ago
  f0x b6b22c7066 OCEAN MAN TAKE ME BY THE HAND 1 year ago
  f0x fe7349ff1c back to material 1 year ago
  f0x 7c6a2f03b7 marin bspwm resize fix 1 year ago
  f0x 4e5abc1237 spawn st 1 year ago
  f0x fb1a3dfec2 bspwm 1 year ago
  f0x 6d70432a6a updates 1 year ago
  f0x 901fd872ef GNU stow 1 year ago
  f0x a9f84647fc nord 1 year ago
  f0x 27b7505ae2 bar: add currently playing youtube title 1 year ago
  f0x 1a0e26c432 grayish blue or blueish gray? 1 year ago