dnd character sheet generator
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DnD Character Sheet Generator

This is a web-based E5 Character Sheet Generator. It uses minimal user input to generate the sheet taking account of racial, class and background features, making in this way a ready-to-play Character Sheet. All files are generated in .txt format, as it gives less trouble than .pdf one. Refer to Player’s Handbook for all the specifications on races and classes features. Definations (of my own use): -‘Static’ traits/features are to be intended as those which are only race/class/background dependent. -‘Dynamic’ traits/features are those which require further user intervention To-do list:

  • Finish basic HTML code.
  • Implement all missing functions in JS file supported by HTML elements as they are needed.
    • Static racial traits implementation
    • Static class features implementation
    • Static background features implementation
    • Dynamic traits/features implementation
  • Write proper CSS.